LLC Formation: Registered Agent And Privacy

LLC Formation: Registered Agent And Privacy

LLC Formation: Registered Agent And Privacy 1920 1080 Gianfranco De Girolamo

A “limited liability company” or LLC is an excellent business association for practicality and tax reasons. Every day, thousands of LLCs are registered across the United States for various types of companies.

LLC registration operates at the state level and is handled by the Secretaries of State. Each secretary has its differences in requirements and fees, so it is important to get proper legal advice, not only in choosing the most appropriate type of business association according to the client’s interests but also because each state has different requirements.

In general, for the formation of an LLC, states require a registered agent, which is the person who receives correspondence, notices, or lawsuits.

The registered agent must be domiciled in the state and whose address is not a post office box (or “PO box”) or UPS address. This person may be one of the owners of the LLC, someone you trust, or some companies offer the service of appearing as an agent and receiving correspondence on your behalf.

The key benefit of hiring a company to act as your registered agent is privacy. Keep in mind that the registered agent’s name and address will not only be listed on the state’s public corporate records. It will also be posted on other websites that republish the information. Thus, a simple Google search will yield this information.

If you do not want to be listed as an agent, some companies offer this service for a fee that can range from $125 to $300 per year. That way, they can be listed as a registered agent in the public records, scan the notifications, and send them to you by e-mail.

By hiring this service, not only is it not necessary to have an office with a person available during all business days and hours but also the name of the owner of the LLC will not appear in the public records, protecting your privacy.

Are you thinking about your new company and forming your LLC? At DGO Legal we have extensive experience and can advise you as to which is the most appropriate type of business association that best suits your interests for your new venture.


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