Expedited Work Permit

Expedited Work Permit

Expedited Work Permit

Expedited Work Permit 2560 2017 Tess Douglas

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If you are waiting for your work permit to be approved you might be wondering, what is taking so long?  The processing times for USCIS to approve work authorization are sometimes extremely long, forcing people to wait months and sometimes even years for a work permit.

So, can you expedite your work permit?

Yes, it is possible.  You may be eligible to sue the U.S. government to force USCIS to take action on your work permit case.

This process is called a “writ of mandamus” which is just a fancy phrase for asking a court to order the U.S. government to take action on a case—you don’t need to know what it is called to use it.

We used this process for our clients recently, and guess what?

Our clients’ delayed work permits were approved within 24 hours

Our clients were waiting for their asylum employment authorization documents (EADs) to be approved for over 90 days, even though the law requires USCIS to come to a decision on these cases within 30 days. Our clients tried to contact USCIS through all the normal routes to try to get a resolution, but nothing worked.

So, we prepared our filing (called a “complaint”) to sue the U.S. government and provided it to the U.S. attorney, giving the government a heads up that we intended to sue USCIS.

The U.S. attorney quickly responded that the office would contact USCIS to see if the case could be resolved.

Less than 24 hours later our clients’ EADs were approved!

If you are interested in learning about how our team can help you expedite your delayed work permit, or you would like to discuss another immigration issue, you can schedule a strategy session with one of our attorneys here.  You can also learn more about our immigration services here.



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