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ASC Appointment Notice

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You just received a document in the mail titled “ASC Appointment Notice.”  It has a lot of small text and scary warnings. You aren’t sure if you understand it and you are nervous you could mess something up in your immigration case.


You are wondering: What is an ASC Appointment Notice? And how does it impact my immigration case?

If you have these questions, you aren’t alone. Although an “ASC Appointment” is actually simple, the notice itself is confusing.

Instead of reading this notice over and over again, stressing about what to expect at the appointment, you can follow this quick guide on what to expect and how to prepare.

What is an ASC Appointment Notice?

An ASC Appointment Notice is a document asking you to go to your local USCIS office.  At the appointment, USCIS will take your fingerprints, your photo, and your signature.

An ASC Appointment is the same thing as a “biometrics” or “fingerprinting” appointment.  You may have heard your attorney or someone else call it a “Biometrics Appointment.”

Why did I get an ASC Appointment Notice?

You received this notice because you have a pending U.S. immigration case.  The U.S. government wants to take your fingerprints to run a background check on you as a part of the application process.

What do I bring to my ASC Appointment?

  • Your appointment notice
  • An ID
    • Must be issued by a government (can be the U.S. or another country’s government)
      • For kids, USCIS will accept a school ID
    • Must have your photo on it
    • Examples (you only need to bring one of the following):
      • Passport
      • Permanent resident card
      • U.S. driver’s license
      • U.S. state identification card
    • Best if unexpired, but USCIS may accept an expired ID

What will happen at my ASC Appointment?

USCIS will take:

  • Your fingerprints
  • Your photo
  • Your signature

What will NOT happen at the appointment?

  • Interview questions about your case

Tips for your ASC appointment

  • Arrive about 15-30min early (but note that USCIS might not let you into the building until your appointment time)
  • Bring money for parking (if you are driving)
  • Leave food and drinks at home

Make sure you do this one thing at your ASC Appointment!

Attorney Tip: Get a copy of the stamped ASC appointment notice showing that you attended your appointment.  This way you will always have evidence that you attended the appointment.

What happens after my ASC Appointment? Does this mean my immigration case will be approved soon?

  • After you attend your ASC appointment, your case will remain pending.
  • Unfortunately, when you get an ASC appointment notice this doesn’t mean that your case will be decided soon. An ASC appointment does not help predict what will happen with your case, it just means that USCIS is gathering the required information for your case. We’ve had clients who have biometrics and then over a year later their case is scheduled for an interview, and others who attend biometrics and have their case decided a month later.

If you have questions about your pending immigration case, or you would like discuss another immigration issue with our team, you can schedule a strategy session with one of our attorneys here. You can also learn more about our immigration services here.



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